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Many people find themselves so deep in debt that they almost feel like they have no way out. In those times, people may think their only option is to contact an organization for help; however, what those people don’t realize is that they actually have more options than this. Fortunately, those in debt who would rather do it themselves can find a way out with a debt management plan. The first step to creating a debt management plan is to make a list of all your debts, including student loans, credit cards, medical bills, automobile loans, and personal loans with all information about each debt and creditor on that list.

The next step is to choose a strategy of attack and with debt management, two strategies work best as long as you are sure to make the minimum payment on all the debt you have. One is the avalanche debt payoff method which is to focus on paying off one debt at a time starting with the debt that has the highest interest rate. The advantage of this method is that you will save a lot of money on interest and the disadvantage is that it usually takes a while to pay off that first debt which can make it hard to stay motivated with this plan. On the other hand, the snowball method of paying off debt includes paying off the balance starting with the lowest among of debt owed. The benefit of this method is that you will notice changes in your credit faster which leads to a higher motivation, but you may end up with a higher interest rate as well.

There are several other important things those in debt can to make the most of their debt management plan including prioritizing their debts to stay organized, staying focused on one debt at a time, not building up more debt, cutting down on living expenses, thinking of more ways to bring money to the table, ordering their credit report, monitoring new changes, contacting creditors to work with them to get all debts paid off, possibly transferring or consolidating debt, and just staying motivated and envisioning themselves getting to that end result.