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Technology has been advancing rapidly and has been bringing nearly every industry along with it. Technology has simplified things, sped processes up, and has overall made industries much more efficient. These things are all true for the industry of finance. There are a variety of ways in which technology has impacted the finance industry and the services that the industry has to offer.

Improved Efficiency

Technology has improved the efficiency of the financial industry greatly. Financial services, such as transactions and money transfers, are now completed much more quickly. Many of these services can be done within minutes or even seconds. Customers can access a variety of financial services from the convenience of their own homes and without needing to contact a financial organization. Credit checks, balance transfers, new account setups, and more can all be done on cell phones, allowing customers to remain mobile.

Better Customer Experiences

Along with efficiency, technology has made the customer experience with financial services much better. Customers no longer need to wait in long lines to have simple financial services, like balance transfers, done. Technology also allows organizations to use readily-available data to determine how to improve the experiences that their customers have.

Fraud Detection

Technology has made fraud detection much more reliable and quick. Using artificial intelligence technology, financial organizations can quickly be alerted to and assess instances of fraud. Artificial intelligence uses various data points to determine customer habits and patterns, raising alerts when customers deviate from these patterns extremely.

Cloud Services

Cloud services have made it easier for the members of financial companies to communicate with one another. Not only has the cloud facilitated collaboration between financial groups, it has also promoted transparency among organizations. The cloud is continually being developed to introduce new methods of usage within the financial industry and many other industries.


As technology continues to advance, the finance industry will continually advance with it. Technology has permanently changed the entire industry of finance, in addition to nearly every other industry, and has introduced elements that were not known about just decades ago. The possibilities that have been created by modern technology are seemingly-endless.