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A budget is an important piece for any person or organization to have in their puzzle of finances. Budgets allow individuals and organizations to understand where their money is coming from, where the money is going, and where money can be saved and spent. Businesses deal heavily with financial transactions. Therefore, it is essential for every business to have some form of a budget for their organization. In order to create a budget for their business, a business owner needs to understand a few things about budgeting and the business itself.


The Why

A budget is essential for a business because it gives insight as to where a business is spending their money and where money coming from for the business. Additionally, budgets specify the amounts of money that are being brought in and sent out as well, allowing business owners to see if their businesses are bringing in enough money or spending too much money. A budget provides guidance during challenging times, showing business owners where they can save money or make more money for their businesses.


The How

Creating a budget is simple once the process is learned. When creating a budget for their business, a business owner first needs to identify the amount of revenue that their business produces. Then, the operating cost of the business needs to be identified and subtracted from the revenue of the business. Variable expenses, which are expenses that are not fixed and routinely change, need to be estimated and subtracted from the revenue as well. The business owner should then create an emergency fund for their business using some of the revenue that is left over, preparing the business for any unexpected costs. A Profit-Loss Statement can then be created for the business, allowing the business owner to determine the profitability of their business.


Being Efficient

The Profit-Loss Statement of a business should be used to determine where a business is spending too much money and how the business can raise its revenue. There are various resources, such as software and professional accountants, that can help with the budgeting process.



Developing a budget will allow a business owner to gain better control of the finances of their business. Understanding the reason for having a budget and how to create a budget will help a business owner to make their business run more efficiently.